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        IFS門店:成都錦江區紅星路三段1IFS中心負一樓  優雅熱線:86661177

        仁恒門店:成都市人民南路二段1號仁恒置地廣場4樓 優雅熱線:86941188

        桐梓林店:成都市武侯區桐梓林東路5號附7號 優雅熱線:65731166

        機場路店:成都市高新區機場路新園南一路2號 優雅熱線:86051166

        銀泰in99店:成都市天府大道北段1199號銀泰in99三層324號  優雅熱線:65771199


          Founded in 1969 in London, Britain, like Bentley, Cartier and some other internationally famous brands, JEEVES owns the certificate of appointment issued by British Royal Family, and has continuously served British Royal Family for nearly half a century, as one of the UK royal favored suppliers. Its business covers the whole world, including Fashion Capital – London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Macao, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Taipei. When these social elites and fashion celebrities who have good taste and understanding the quality of life talk about their expensive clothes, leather bags, cars, carpets, and even wedding dresses, they never forget to recommend Jeeves - the professional, thoughtful and responsible brand with a long history to friends and relatives around.
          As an international luxury care brand, Jeeves specializes in providing clients with detail-orientated high-quality personalized service. In 2014, the first Chinese franchised store of this brand officially settled in IFS of Chengdu and its central factory began formal operation. Its service scope covers dry cleaning and water scrubbing of clothes, storage of wedding dresses, vacuum acid-proof storage of expensive clothes and valuables, Supercrease shaping, as well as maintenance, repair and rectification of leather; care of shoes and boots; cleaning of carpets, curtains and toys; maintenance, refurbishment and repair of sofas and auto seats, etc.. You can experience services on British royal care standards.
          Jeeves overturns the traditional workshop mode of cleaning and care industry and builds the green high-tech dust-free factory with the better scientific laundry process and the better advanced laundry equipment. It imports all kinds of equipment for dry cleaning, water scrubbing, sewing, ironing, automatic folding, etc.; imported environmentally-friendly materials certified by British Clothing Research Center are used for fashion cleaning and leather care, and relying on characters of those materials, Jeeves nondestructively cares clothes (leather), and makes sure keeping original  traits of clothes (leather) as  much as possible, as well as washing  result and clients’ health.
          Jeeves (Chengdu) has not only the better advanced and scientific equipment, but also a team of technicians which has received professional clothing washing and care skill training of Jeeves. In addition, Jeeves (Chengdu) employs British technical adviser – Mr. Brian to guide the work of factory in a long term. Mr. Brian, a senior fashion care lecturer from British headquarters of Jeeves, with more than 50 years of work experience, is a fashion care adviser of Elizabeth - Queen Of England, Prince Charles and British Royal Family,  holding high reputation in international dry cleaning and water scrubbing circle.
          You will find that in Jeeves, clothes cleaning not just relies on washing machine and leather care is definitely not simple scrub and repair. You will figure out a good solution of washing and caring your fashions as well as more desirable household practical widgets and care tools .


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